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Salt Water is a creamy, refreshing white.

Salt Water

  • Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint is a brand new line of furniture paint. The paint has a built in stain blocker, primer and top coat. On top of all this, it is UV resistant, waterproof (yes, you can use this outdoors!!), mildew resistant and has no VOC’s!

    The silk range is available in 20 new colours to the Dixie Belle Paint Company. The soft, and cool tones are easy to apply, super smooth and leave a stunning, silky eggshell finish. This paint will stay looking fresh for longer! You can clean off newly painted surfaces with ease, and even scrub the surface after the curing period (21 days)

    How to use Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint

    • Prepare your surface by briefly scoring the piece with sandpaper, then use a strong degreasing cleaning product such as Authentic Omiclean. 
    • Allow to dry and begin paining your piece with a dry brush (not damp).
    • The best temperature to use Silk All-in-One is between 10-32°C.
    • It is not recommended to thin Silk All-In-One it does not react to water like Dixie Belles Chalk mineral paint. Avoid using any water with Silk as may affect performance.
    • The product should be touch dry within 45 minutes, with a curing time of 21 days.

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