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Big Mama's Butta is a luxurious scented wax containing Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Carnauba Wax, as well as essential oils. This is PERFECT for neutralising odours (Orange Grove and Suzanne's Garden), and even protects against mildew and insects! Super soft, buttery and easy to use - if it couldn't be any more perfect, it is even water resistant!


It is avaliable in 2 scents, Orange Grove and Suzanne's Garden, and also in an Unscented version. 

Big Mama's Butta

  • Dixie Belle is a US-based, non-toxic chalk mineral paint with a choice of 69 beautiful colours to suit all of your needs. The paints contain no VOC's and are easy to use as they require no priming, top coat or wax - everything you need is in the pot!

    An 8 oz pot covers 3.5 sq m, a 16 oz pot covers double this - the majority of projects will require one or two coats for full coverage. Dixie Belle Paint is a thick paint that goes a long way. Occasionally you will see brushstrokes whilst painting, but these will disappear as the paint dries as Dixie Belle is a self leveling paint.

    There is a 30 day curing period for the paints, but if you require something more hardwearing, consider using one of the Dixie Belle sealer products that we stock such as Gator Hide, Clear Coat or the Easy Peasy Wax - message us for more help in deciding what would be the best product to meet your desired finish!

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